Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 6/2: Featured Jumble Story

Following up with our ‘Jumble Story’ activity, I have to say that all of the students put a lot of creative thought into their storylines. Each story had a unique vision and path, leading to some…peculiar and hilarious resolutions. It was truly a joy to read all of them, however, we have chosen to feature just one for the blog; and the winner is…Sean Mayfield!

What he drew:

1. Character: A jazz musician
2. Setting: A concert hall
3. Time: During a concert
4. Situation/Challenge: A secret needs to be confessed

Seans’ Vision:

Headlining at the New York Concert Hall, Joey was at the top of his game, playing in front of one of the finest crowds of his jazz career. Later on, he decided to treat his crew to a celebratory dinner. After some great food, fine wine, lot’s of laughs and maybe a little insanity, everybody except for Joey and Vintinashi decided to call it a night.

Vintinashi had a little wine, so Joey decided it was best to drive him home. While en route, Vintinashi began to mumble some strange things…

“Hey, Joey?” Said Vintinashi.

“Yes?” Asked Joey.

“What I’m about to tell you will blow your mind.” Vintinashi stated with great conviction.

“Oh yeah, what is it?” Laughed Joey.

“I….am an alien.” Whispered Vintinashi.

“Oh reeeeaaallly?” Chuckled Joey.

“Ish true!” Said Vintinashi as his voice and accent changed and he began to glow in a florescent green color. His skin started to peel and replacing it was a shiny layer of blue ‘skin’- his head sprouted horns that stabbed two holes in the hood of the car.

Joey was mortified. In a weak attempt to conceal his terror, he mumbled, “…”

Vintinashi was pleased with himself, with a creepy smile, he asked, “And you know what?”

Joey could feel his heart pounding through his chest while sweat beads dripped down from his forehead into his eyes….”What?” He hesitated to ask.

Vintinashi, still smiling and ever-changing, said, “Now…you die.”

The End.

Now to be fair, Sean is a smart cookie who caught on to the process of picking his numbers, realizing if he picked all 10’s, that his 1-4 items would all coordinate. (i.e. A jazz musician, at a concert hall, during a concert…) This originally did not please me, but I was very impressed to see that, when he could have decided to go the easy and boring route, he instead went off the beaten path and truly created his own vision with great detail and imagery. And it was pretty entertaining to boot, so here’s to you Sean!

Great job to Charles Hill, Gregory Hatchett, and Savon Clark as well!

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