Saturday, August 1, 2009

Writing club year-end dinner performance

On June 4, 2009, during the annual year end dinner, the students of the Cabrini Connections writing club performed a skit that they had written during the previous weeks. Dan Bassill, President of Cabrini Connections, was enlisted as one of the performers.
These are some of the photos along with the entire script. Good job writing club!

Scene opens with everyone collecting around the writing club table chattering about what they saw outside and how cool it is….

De’sean – Narrator to introduce set the scene

Dan: You guys, sorry but writing club in canceled tonight!

Group: Why??

Dan: Someone has graffittied the wall outside the center!! All groups are canceled until we get to the bottom of this! I know just the investigators who can help us get to the bottom of this! {Leaves to go call investigators}

Sketch: Wow…. I wonder who did this? (Sarcastically… starts laughing with friends)

{Everyone looks at Sketch suspiciously}

Charlie: {Looks nervous and starts pointing at sketch} It’s so obvious that it is indeed you, Sketch!! Who else could have done this? This is your labor!

Sketch: What? Are you serious? Just because I know how to draw don’t mean it was me. Besides, if you look at my other stuff they don’t look anything like this one!

Charlie: Whatever! You’re not going to get away with this!! {Still nervous, looks side to side}

Sketch: Whateva man, I told you I didn’t do this!

De’sean – Narrator to introduce the investigators in rhyme and foreshadows the events to come. Questioning who actually committed the crime…………………

{In walks the investigators – Sherlocka & Wattsonia }

Sherlocka: So what do we have here?

Sketch: Why am I here? Why are you grabbing me fo?

Sherlocka: Cause we know it was you that tagged the wall at Cabrini Connections!

Charlie: Yup Yup – it was him! I saw him do it!

Narrator “Now it’s time to show the proof. Let’s see who tells the truth!”

Sherlocka: Just admit that you did it and this can be all over, shorty!

Sherlocka and Watsonia continue to harass Sketch while Charlie continues to look pretty quilty…

Dan: {Enters} Call off the investigation Sherlocka, I think I need to offer sketch here a job!

Everyone: {Shocked} What for?!

Dan: It turns out this magnificent piece of art has brought a lot more attention to the center! People keep stopping their cars and looking at the wall – asking who the artist is! This could bring the extra attention the center needs and may bring a lot more donors and volunteers to Cabrini Connections!

{Says while looking over at Charlie who appears very perplexed and uncomfortable}
Charlie: A masterpiece? Really? No, No, No!! Wait! It was me! I did it! I tagged the Cabrini Connections wall! It’s my masterpiece. I’m the 4.0 GPA student, I’m the one going to Princeton, I deserve all the credit for this piece of art!

Sketch: I told you it wasn’t me, now what!

Sherlocka: Shut up!

Dan: Well, well, well. It looks like the truth has finally come out! But we knew it all along! We were just waiting for you to confess! {Walks over to Sherlocka & Watsonia}

Charlie: What?! But how did you know?

Dan: Charlie, the art supplies that you used are not the same as what sketch uses and El Dasheon witnessed you hanging around the center long after everyone else had left with paint on your pants! The only question we had was why did you do it? And why frame Sketch?

Sherlocka: Your busted Buddy!! Yeah, tell us. Why did you do it?

Charlie: {Nervous, head down} Well, okay,okay, okay……

Sherlocka: C’mon, the Okays are killing me!

Charlie: Fine! I did it because I was frustrated sketch never asked me hang out with him and his crew. I wanted to prove to sketch and everyone else that I’m cool. I panicked and let Sketch take the blame because he’s always in trouble and I’m never in trouble. {Head down} I’m sorry, I should have fessed up.

Sketch: Yeah man, you shouldn’t have blamed me! I mean, your work is actually good! I didn’t know you had this kind of skill! We should collaborate…

{Sherlocka gets upset and goes towards sketch “Why I oughta”}

Dan : {Interrupts} ONLY if that collaboration is intended for Cabrini Connections!! I think we can come up with a great mural. Both of you need to be signed up for Art club. Let’s put your talents to good use – not an illegal use!

Charlie: {To sketch} Man, I’m really sorry. I screwed up.

Sketch: Forget about it, next time though, just ask me to hang out instead of framing me!

Sherlocka: Should I charge Charlie with Vandalism? Defacing private property? False accusations? Lying to an officer of the law…

Dan: Thank you Sherlocka, but I don’t think any of that is necessary! I think Charlie has learned his lesson – OR at least he will after all the work I have ready for him at Cabrini Connections. I think we can start with scrapping all the used chewing gum from under all the desks followed by cleaning the toilets, washing the windows ……

De’Sean – Narrator to end the play with a moral in ryme

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